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New Jersey Factory Worker Goes Berserk

July 5, 1963 - A 36-year-old factory worker shot and killed his wife and sister-in-law today in Linden, N.J., and after wounding 3 other persons, abducted a girl from her home and fled in a car. Police said the man was armed with two guns and was believed to be heading toward Newark Airport, about four miles north of Linden. Police maintaining a close check in the airport area said the man had not been spotted there tonight. A 13-state alarm has been issued. The man was identified as Richard (Teddy) Coleman, who police said killed his wife Millie, 37, and Mrs. Ruby Coleman, his 43-year-old sister-in-law, and wounded his brother Harry, 52; Leroy Edwards, 48, a neighbor; and Mrs. Marianne Kube, 28, a visitor in the neighborhood. They said he later entered a home, held a family of 8 at gunpoint for 4 hours while drinking beer, and after tying everyone up, fled with 18-year-old Mary Kaminski. New York City police set up roadblocks at crossings entering the Bronx, where they said five relatives of Coleman reside. Police were stationed at the homes of the relatives. Police said the shootings took place about 5 p.m. today on McCandlish St., where Coleman lives. They said a police guard who had been protecting his wife at her request had departed shortly before the shootings after having stayed for several hours. Coleman’s wife had apparently argued with her husband and threatened to leave him, police said. Neighbors tonight described Coleman as a taciturn man. One said, “He had a temper I didn’t like.” The police said Coleman had been arrested twice, but they would not disclose the charges because he had not been convicted.


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