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Nevada Gaming Commission Hits Sinatra-Giancana Connection

Sept. 11, 1963 - The Nevada Gaming Control Board issued a complaint today against Frank Sinatra (picured with his son, Frank Jr.), charging the singer with playing host to a Chicago underworld figure at his Lake Tahoe resort, the Cal-Neva Lodge. The complaint alleged the singer knowingly entertained Sam Giancana at the lodge between July 17 and July 28. Giancana was described in the gaming board complaint as “one of the twelve overlords in the Mafia.” The complaint said Sinatra had used “vile, obscene language in a tone which was menacing in the extreme and constituted a threat against the chairman of the Control Board,” had attempted coercion, and that one of the singer’s representatives attempted to bribe two state gaming agents. Mr. Sinatra was reportedly in New York and had no comment. He has 15 days to answer the complaint, after which the Board will set a hearing on the charges. Giancana is from Oak Park, Ill. He is one of 11 persons who are persona non grata at any Nevada casino. Intentionally catering to any of these is ground for license revocation in the state. The complaint charged that Giancana stayed at the Cal-Neva last July in a room “registered to a female performer then appearing” at the casino. The 53-year-old Giancana is a friend of Phyllis McGuire, one of the singing McGuire Sisters who were featured at the resort at that time.


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