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Negro Osteopath Subsitutes for Jailed Dr. King on “Meet the Press”

July 29, 1962 - William G. Anderson (right), a Negro osteopath who was released on bond from jail in Albany, Ga., Saturday, declared today that demonstrations would continue there “as long as segregation exists in the city of Albany as it does at the present time.” Mr. Anderson, 34, heads the 8-month-old Albany Movement, which champions civil rights there. Replacing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who remained in jail, Mr. Anderson appeared on NBC-TV’s “Meet the Press.” Questioned by a panel that included a Southern editor, Mr. Anderson said he recognized that complete desegregation could not be expected “overnight” in Albany. But he said he thought the Negro had been “patient long enough,” adding, “Why should he wait any longer for any of these constitutionally guaranteed rights?” Mr. Anderson said the Kennedy Administration had “not done as much as it can do” in the area of civil rights.


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