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Negro Lawyer Caned in Albany, Ga.

July 28, 1962 - A Negro lawyer staggered from the courthouse in Albany, Ga., today with blood streaming from his head and accused Sheriff D.C. Campbell of caning him. The incident followed the arrest of 36 Negroes and 1 white during a prayer protest in front of the City Hall. The lawyer, 36-year-old C.B. King Jr. (pictured), said he had gone to the Daugherty County sheriff’s office to see about obtaining medical aid for a prisoner who had been attacked by a fellow prisoner. Mr. King said that while he was talking with an official in the sheriff’s office, Sheriff Campbell told him to leave. “I did not respond,” Mr. King said. The sheriff, who is 76 years old and has held office for 16 years, then struck him in the head with a walking cane. Sheriff Campbell told newsmen he had removed Mr. King after the lawyer had refused two requests to go. He then explained to Mayor Asa D. Kelley and Police Chief Laurie Pritchett, “He didn’t get out, so goddamn it, I put him out.” Mr. King lurched across Pine Avenue to City Hall, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Chief Pritchett met him as he entered the door and ordered a policeman to drive him to the hospital. Negro leaders said legal action would be taken against the sheriff. A Justice Department spokesman in Washington said agents of the FBI were conducting an inquiry into the attack.


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