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NBA: Celtics Crush Warriors, 117-89, in Game 1 of Finals

Mar. 24, 1962 — The Boston Celtics, led by Bill Russell and Bob Cousy, crushed the Philadelphia Warriors, 117-89, today in the opener of the NBA Eastern Division playoff finals. With Russell doing a defensive masterpiece on Wilt Chamberlain and Cousy sparking the Celtics’ fast break, Boston put the issue beyond doubt early as it launched the defense of its league title. Russell, rising to the Chamberlain challenge, held Wilt to 12 points in the first half. However, Chamberlain wound up the high scorer with 33 points. The Celtics ruined Philadelphia’s plan to play deliberately by combining superior rebounding and a relentless, hounding defense. The ball-stealing and blocking tactics of the Celtics often sent the Warriors reeling back in frustration and resulted in numerous lay-up baskets for the victors.


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