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Nazis Get Hard Labor for Assault on Jewish Boy in Virginia

July 20, 1961 - Two members of the American Nazi party - Richard Braun, 26, and Robert Garber, 31 - were sentenced today to 12 months at hard labor for an assault on a Jewish boy, Ricky Farber, 13 years old, on July 8. The boy testified that he had been walking near the party's headquarters in Arlington, Va., when one of the Nazis, carrying a lead pipe, began to chase him. He said he fell and suffered a leg injury. After being caught by the "storm troopers," the boy said, he was threatened, taken into the party's headquarters and handcuffed. The boy's father said his son was "petrified" with fear when he returned home after the incident. Meanwhile, 40 residents of Arlington joined forces in an effort to combat the activities of the party. "The fact that there are people in Arlington who believe and act as Nazis is difficult for us to accept. We cringe at their preaching of hate, and we are determined to prevent them by all legal means from the use of unlawful force on any and all Arlington citizens," the group's statement said.

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