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Nazi War Criminal a Suicide in Ethiopia

Jan. 22, 1964 - A body found in a crocodile-infested river by American hunters 120 miles north of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was identified today as that of Dr. Karl Babor (pictured during WWII), a former Nazi wanted by the Austrian police on war crimes charges. Babor was an S.S. doctor of the Third Reich and concentration camp officer with the rank of Hauptsturmführer (“head storm leader”), a paramilitary rank of a mid-level commander with equivalent seniority toa captain in the German Army. Babor was an expert in assassination by syringe of phenol (carbolic acid). In 1945, Babor was arrested and taken prisoner by the French, and he spent several months in a camp before being returned to Vienna. In 1952, he was identified by former concentration inmates, at which point he fled from Vienna to Ethiopia. His wife left him, returned to Germany, and denounced him. She contacted Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, a concentration camp survivor, who alerted the world press last year. The Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna said Babor, 45 years old, supervised grisly medical experiments on prisoners at a camp near Breslau during the war. Babor denied it. This afternoon, police in Addis Ababa said Babor shot himself in the head five days ago. His car was found some distance away from the river in which he was found.


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