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Navy Tops Army with President Kennedy in Attendance; Staubach Shines

Dec. 1, 1962 - Roger Staubach had a day that approached the fantastic for a sophomore in an Army-Navy football game today, and Wayne Hardin became the first coach ever to send out four successive midshipman winners over the cadets. With President Kennedy, a Navy PT-boat quarterback in World War II, looking on in the crowd of 98,613 at Philadelphia Stadium, Staubach directed Navy to an impressive 34-14 victory over Army in their 63rd meeting. The 34 points were twice as many as any other foe had scored on the cadets this year. Staubach, the 6-foot-2-inch field general from Cincinnati, carried the ball over for 2 touchdowns, passed 65 yards and 12 yards for two more, completed 10 of 12 passes for 204 yards, and gained more yards than any other Navy back on the ground. He was the utter ruination of an Army team desperate for victory under its new head coach, Paul Dietzel.


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