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Navy’s Staubach Wins Another Collegiate Football Award

Dec. 17, 1963 - What’s Roger Staubach going to do for an encore in 1964? Navy’s All-America quarterback and Heisman Award winner, who attained nationwide respect for individual prominence in gridiron skills and personal character, was voted the outstanding college backfield performer of 1963 today by The Associated Press. This just about gave the 21-year-old junior a sweep of every conceivable award open to him. The softspoken Navy field general from Cincinnati was an overwhelming choice. He received 57 of the 107 votes cast by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters. Nineteen other backfield stars attracted attention, with Billy Lothridge of Georgia Tech topping the also-rans with 11 votes. Don Trull of Baylor, the nation’s leader in passing, was third with eight votes. Sherman Lewis, the pint-sized Michigan State halfback who had five runs of 80 or more yards last season, was next with six votes. Jimmy Sidle, Auburn’s great runner and the nation’s second leading rusher, had four votes. So, what can Staubach do for an encore? Navy hopes he’ll start off the new year by leading the Middies to victory over top-ranking Texas in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.


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