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Navy Football Coach Apologizes for “Sneak Play” in Blowout of Pitt

Oct. 31, 1962 - Navy apologized today for a sneak play that scored a touchdown against the Pitt Panthers at Norfolk, Va., last Saturday. In light of several protests, Coach Wayne Hardin (pictured with quarterback Roger Staubach) admitted that “we might have gone a little too far, as some people have pointed out.” “I’m sorry, and I apologize,” the Navy coach said. “We did not want to deceive, connive, and cheat an opponent.” Navy won the game, 32-9. On the play, Jim Stewart, a flanker back, limped to the sidelines and pretended to leave the game. Suddenly, he straightened up and took a pass for a touchdown. Hardin said the play had been cleared with game officials.


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