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Nationalist Chinese General Hu Tsung-Nan Dead at 62

Feb. 14, 1962 - General Hu Tsung-Nan (pictured in 1936), who wanted to throw his 250,000 troops against the Chinese Communists during World War II, died today of a heart ailment. He was 62 years old. President Chiang Kai-shek refused to let General Hu attack the Communists for fear civil war during the conflict with Japan would have provoked the U.S. to halt aid to the Nationalists. The Communists at that time were surrounded in the North China province of Shensi by General Hu’s troops in the South and West and Japanese forces in the North and East. General Hu was in the field as an army commander during the war against the Japanese, having been mentioned as one of Generalissimo Chiang’s best generals as early as 1938. After World War II, he figured with particular prominence as a leader of the forces that opposed the Communists during their drive that culminated in the assumption of power throughout China at the end of 1949.


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