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National League Will Allow Houston to Hold Night Games on Sunday

July 31, 1962 - The National League today waived for Houston — and for next season only — a ban on Sunday night baseball. In lifting the ban against Sunday night baseball for one club only, the league heeded a request by General Manager Paul Richards of the Houston Colts, who said summer heat at Colt Stadium (pictured) in Houston was hard on players and fans, especially at day games. Commissioner Ford Frick previously had taken a strong stand against any Sunday morning or Sunday night play. However, Frick said that as an emergency measure in view of Houston’s hot-weather problem — and pending completion of Houston’s air-conditioned domed stadium — he would not object. “I know there is a bad situation in Houston because of the heat, and this will only last until the air-conditioned stadium is finished,” he said. That is expected in 1964.


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