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National League’s All-Star Lineup Announced

June 23, 1964 - Billy Williams (pictured) of the Cubs was the only lefthanded hitter named today to the National League All-Stars’ starting lineup, which included three repeaters.

Named again this year were Willie Mays of the Giants and Ken Boyer and Dick Groat of the Cardinals. They started for the 1963 team that defeated the American League, 5-3.

This year’s game, the 35th in the series, will be played July 7 at Shea Stadium.

Others chosen on the starting team in a vote of 270 players, coaches, and managers were Orlando Cepeda of the Giants, first base; Ron Hunt of the Mets, second base; Roberto Clemente of the Pirates, right field; and Joe Torre of the Braves, catcher.

Hunt, the Mets’ fine second baseman, said “it was a wonderful achievement” to be voted to the team, and manager Casey Stengel said the selection showed progress for his Mets. Casey listed six reasons, in his view, why Hunt had been chosen.

“First, he never played in Triple A ball. He came up and made it without that, which is something.

Second, he’s a good tagger. Or should I say toucher, or how is it right? Anyway, he’s a good tagger.

Third, he’s a big-league hitter who hits to right or left and with men on.

Fourth, he uses good judgment in baserunning.

Fifth, he hits big pitchers as good as he hits the regular pitchers.

Now, that’s five. There are six, yes? Sixth is that he tends to his own business.”

Casey also noted that “beating out Bill Mazeroski, a very excellent man, means something.”

“Besides, it’s not often they vote so young a man to the job as Hunt,” he added.

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