National League Learns to Respect Al Jackson's Sinker

June 11, 1962 - Around the National League, the word on Al Jackson (pictured), the diminutive Mets left-hander, is that his sinker must be respected. If the word had not reached the Houston Colts, they learned it first-hand today as Jackson, facing them for the first time, pitched New York to a 3-1 victory. Keeping his delivery down, Jackson had the frustrated Houston batters hitting the ball into the ground most of the night. With 8,920 fans looking on in Houston, Manager Casey Stengel’s men accounted for their first triumph over the team managed by Harry Craft. Because of the excessive heat — 78 fans and Umpire Jocko Conlan were felled in Houston during Sunday’s doubleheader with the Dodgers — Stengel, tongue in cheek, had asked for volunteers to play this game.

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