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National Easter Seal Child Visits President Kennedy

Mar. 8, 1963 - Brenda Heaton, the 8-year-old national Easter seal child, went to the White House today hoping to see Caroline Kennedy but had to settle for a visit with the President. Brenda, who has cerebral palsy and gets around with the aid of crutches and leg braces, visited President Kennedy for about 15 minutes and presented to him the first sheet of 1963 Easter seals. The seals are being mailed to 40 million homes in a drive to raise $21 million to support the rehabilitation program of the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults. After her chat with the President, Brenda was asked what she wanted to see most at the White House. “I wanted to see Caroline,” she replied. To make up in part for Caroline’s absence, Mr. Kennedy walked with his guest to the porch outside his office, pointed out Caroline’s play yard, and gave a loud whistle to summon the family’s German shepherd, Clipper. Mr. Kennedy later gave Brenda a gold bracelet with a PT boat pendant.


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