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N.Y. Giants’ Defense, QB Tittle Excel in Defeat of Cardinals, 31-14

Oct. 8, 1962 - A good defense was the best offense for the New York Giants yesterday as they scored a 31-14 victory over the Cardinals before a St. Louis crowd of 20,627. Y.A. Tittle (pictured after running for a touchdown) put on another first-class aerial show, but the New York defense set things up for him in key spots. The men who are paid to prevent scoring tallied the touchdown that put the Giants on an easy trail to their third straight NFL triumph. Sam Huff and Dick Lynch, a couple of the “old” regulars on the Giants’ defense, worked the scoring play that was the clincher. Others such as Rosey Grier, Jim Katcavage, Dick Modzelewski, and Andy Robustelli had fun cavorting in the Cardinals’ backfield and upsetting the honest intentions of Sam Etcheverry, the St. Louis quarterback.


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