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N.J. Youth Sentenced to Two Nights in Emergency Room after Speeding Violation

Sept. 26, 1962 - A New Jersey youth caught driving 110 miles an hour will spend 2 nights in the emergency room of the Perth Amboy General Hospital this weekend to learn what reckless driving may lead to. The youth, Leonard H. Berkowitz, 17, agreed to spend 8 hours at the hospital Friday night and 8 hours Saturday night, rather than spend 30 days in jail. The Berkowitz youth was showing another teenage boy and a girl passenger how fast the family car could go on the Garden State Parkway Monday night when they flashed past a State Trooper. Magistrate Harold A. Sherman found Berkowitz guilty last night of speeding, fined him $20 and $5 in costs, revoked his license for a year, and sentenced him to 30 days in jail. The judge then said he would suspend the jail term if the youth agreed to study at first hand the results of highway accidents. “I hope he sees nothing horrible,” the judge said, “but he may see what could have happened.”


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