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Musial Gets Nod Over Frank Robinson for National League All-Star Squad

July 3, 1962 - Manager Fred Hutchinson selected the National League all-star pitchers and reserves today, naming Stan Musial to the team for a record 19th time while passing over one of his own Cincinnati players, Frank Robinson. Robinson, the Reds’ right fielder, is pounding the ball at a .323 clip and actually is out-hitting Roberto Clemente of the Pirates, who was chosen as the National League’s starting right fielder for the all-star game at Washington, July 10. The other outfielders Hutchinson named were Hank Aaron of Milwaukee, Richie Ashburn of the Mets, and John Callison of the Phillies. Musial’s selection surprised no one. In the past, some managers were accused of picking Musial purely on sentiment. The 41-year-old St. Louis Cardinal, however, is breezing along with a .330 batting average. The pitchers named by Hutchinson were Sandy Koufax (the only left-hander), Don Drysdale, Dick Farrell, Bob Gibson, Juan Marichal, Bob Purkey, and Bob Shaw.


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