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Mrs. Kennedy Visits Boston

Jan. 18, 1964 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy arrived at Boston’s Logan Airport at 3:25 p.m. today and, in spite of the crowds that surrounded her everywhere, she seemed somewhat alone. “It doesn’t seems right not to see him there beside her,” one woman in the crowd remarked. About 300 waited in the cold outside the gates of the American Airlines hangar for her to arrive from Washington aboard the Kennedy family plane, Caroline. Mrs. Kennedy came to Boston to attend the memorial Mass at 10 tomorrow morning in Holy Cross Cathedral for her late husband.

Mrs. Kennedy and her party were greeted at the plane by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, and his wife, Joan; former U.S. Ambassador to India John Kenneth Galbraith; and Harvard University Librarian Paul Buck. The signs of her recent sorrow are still evident on Mrs. Kennedy’s face, but she answered the applause of the crowd with a smile. She was then driven to the Cambridge home of Harvard University President Nathan M. Pusey (left). Mrs. Kennedy and other members of the family visited inside and then, with Dr. Pusey behind the wheel driving Mrs. Kennedy, went to the site of the President John F. Kennedy Memorial Library in back of the Harvard Business School. It was the first time the President’s widow had visited the site. Her teeth chattered as she listened to Dr. Pusey and Prof. Galbraith explain plans for the library. Another crowd greeted Mrs. Kennedy with applause at the library site. “She’s so pretty,” one coed observed. Mrs. Kennedy’s party returned to the Pusey residence, where another crowd had gathered to watch in respectful silence. Someone began whistling “Hail to the Chief” and then, almost apologetically, stopped abruptly.


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