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Mrs. Kennedy and John Glenn Receive Special Emmy Awards

May 23, 1962 - “Victoria Regina” and its star, Julie Harris (pictured), received television’s highest awards last night. The drama about England’s Queen and the actress who portrayed her were among the recipients of Emmys. Four prizes went to the courtroom series “The Defenders.” And a couple of TV amateurs, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy and Lieut. Col. John H. Glenn Jr., shared honors with professional stars when they received special prizes. Neither Mrs. Kennedy nor Colonel Glenn was at the ceremonies, but they won recognition in the form of special awards for “special or lasting contributions to the television season.” Mrs. Kennedy won an Emmy for her televised tour of the White House on Feb. 14. Colonel Glenn was honored for his orbital spaceflight on Feb. 20. Mrs. Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson, wife of the Vice President, accepted the award for Mrs. Kennedy. Emmys also went to CBS for producing Mrs. Kennedy’s program and to CBS, NBC, and ABC for their pooled coverage of the Glenn spaceflight.


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