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Mrs. Finkbine Visits Swedish Doctor, Will Apply for Abortion

Aug. 7, 1962 - Mrs. Sherri Finkbine (pictured arriving in Sweden with her husband Robert on Sunday) made her first visit to a Swedish physician today, and her husband said the couple probably would apply early next week for an abortion. The operation to prevent birth of the baby she fears is deformed could not be done for several more days, owing to the measured pace of processing abortion applications in Sweden. In the early stages of Mrs. Finkbine’s pregnancy, the television host from Phoenix, Ariz., took the drug Thalidomide, which has been blamed for deformities in thousands of babies, mostly in Europe and Canada. Mr. Finkbine said that his 30-year-old wife would see a doctor again Friday. He would not give the doctor’s name.


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