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Mr. President Sees “Mr. President”

Sept. 25, 1962 - Mr. President teamed with “Mr. President” tonight to provide theatergoers with one of the most exciting opening nights in Washington’s history. President and Mrs. Kennedy joined more than 1,600 of the political and social elite of Washington and New York at the pre-Broadway showing of the Irving Berlin musical in the National Theater. “Mr. President” will play in Washington for 3 weeks before opening at the St. James Theater in New York on Oct. 20. Mrs. Kennedy arrived before curtain time, but the President did not show up until intermission. Elsewhere in the audience were other members of the Kennedy family, including Attorney General and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy and two of the President’s sisters. “Mr. President” has the first Irving Berlin show score since “Call Me Madam,” the political musical of 1950. The new show stars Robert Ryan and Nanette Fabray and was directed by Joshua Logan. The show opened with a Twist dance at the White House. There were scenes of the First Lady riding an elephant and the First Lady pulling off a wig. The audience particularly liked a tune called “the Secret Service makes me nervous.”


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