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Movies: World Premiere of "Judgment at Nuremberg" Held in Berlin

Dec. 14, 1961 - An Berlin audience viewed the world premiére of the American film, “Judgment at Nuremberg.” A capacity audience of 1,200 attended the showing at the Congress Hall, only 700 yards from the communist border wall that divides Berlin. Many sat spellbound through the 170-minute performance. There were gasps when documentary shots of Nazi concentration camps appeared, and some viewers broke into spontaneous applause during a scene in the second half when Spencer Tracy, playing the part of an American trial judge, told the German defense counsel that logic does not always make deeds right. Mr. Tracy was on hand for the premiére, along with Montgomery Clift, Richard Widmark, Judy Garland, and Maximilian Schell. Mayor Willy Brandt of West Berlin opened the premiére with a short speech welcoming Stanley Kramer, the producer-director. “Some will find it hard to see,” he said, “but we are no skulkers. If the film serves justice then we welcome it, even if we must be ashamed for some of the things in it.”


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