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Movies: "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

May 17, 1962 - Two Hollywood actresses who possess three Oscars between them are scheduled to do a “sister act” in a new movie about the industry and town that made them famous. Robert Aldrich, producer and director, confirmed today that on July 9, Joan Crawford (cited for “Mildred Pierce”) and Bette Davis (cited for “Dangerous” and “Jezebel”) will be teamed for the first time in their careers in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” The story follows an aging former child star (Davis) who torments her paraplegic sister (Crawford), a former movie star, in an old Hollywood mansion. “What we hope to convey,” Mr. Aldrich explained, “is the demise of the kind of child prodigy that flourished back in the Twenties — the kind that later dropped out of sight, literally, becoming bitter and agonized at being out of the business. ‘Baby Jane’ isn’t a very pretty picture, granted, but then neither is faded glory and what it can do to people psychologically.”


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