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Movies: "The Ugly American" Delayed as Brando Still Works on "Mutiny"

Dec. 6, 1961 - What happens to a producer-director when he is ready to begin shooting his movie and then has to wait a year for his star? This is the plight of George Englund (right). Last January, he was to have started filming “The Ugly American.” His star, Marlon Brando (left), would have been available if “Mutiny on the Bounty” had been finished on schedule. But because of countless delays in the MGM remake, Mr. Brando is still at work on that film. Meanwhile, footage for “The Ugly American” has been shot in Thailand — though the country will not be identified in the film — without Mr. Brando. A stand-in was used. Closeups of Mr. Brando will be made on Hollywood sets.

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