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Movies: “The Night Walker,” “Ice Station Zebra,” “Will Adams”

Apr. 14, 1964 - Three new film projects were announced today. Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor (pictured) will co-star in producer William Castle’s suspense melodrama, “The Night Walker,” which starts filming on May 15. The Universal release, written by Robert Bloch, author of “Psycho” and “Straight-Jacket,” marks the first screen reunion of the two performers in more than two decades. They were formerly married.

Martin Ransohoff, the independent producer, has bought movie rights to Alistair MacLean’s suspense novel, “Ice Station Zebra,” with location filming due to begin next spring in the Arctic.

Rights to “Will Adams,” an original screenplay by Dalton Trumbo, have been acquired by Joseph E. Levine. Mr. Levine will produce the biographical drama about a shipwrecked British sailor who rose to power in the Japanese court in the early 17th century. The color project will be made in Hollywood and in Japan.

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