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Movies: “The Killers” with Lee Marvin

July 7, 1964 - Opening today is “The Killers,” a crime drama. Directed by Don Siegel, it is the second Hollywood adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s 1927 short story of the same name.

The film stars Lee Marvin, John Cassavetes, Angie Dickinson, Ronald Reagan, and Clu Gulager. The supporting cast features Claude Akins and Norman Fell.

“The Killers” was intended to be a made-for-TV movies as part of a Project 120 series of films that did not reach the airwaves. It was filmed under the title “Johnny North,” but NBC regarded it as too violent for broadcast; Universal released the film theatrically instead.

In the story, two professional hit men (Marvin and Gulager), surprised that their contract victim (Cassavetes) didn’t try to run away from them, try to find out who hired them and why.

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