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Movies: “The Carpetbaggers”

May 26, 1963 - Alan Ladd (right) will portray Nevada Smith, the tough cowboy film star, in the Paramount-Embassy Pictures production of “The Carpetbaggers.” Filming will start next month. Joseph Michael Hayes adapted the popular novel by Harold Robbins for the screen. It deals with a young executive who establishes a motion-picture dynasty. Joseph E. Levine, head of Embassy, and Paramount intend to produce “Nevada Smith” as a separate feature film. Also signed for “The Carpetbaggers” is Tony Bill, 22, who will make his film debut with Frank Sinatra in “Come Blow Your Horn,” which opens at Radio City Music Hall next month. Other members of the cast signed thus far include Carroll Baker (left), George Peppard and Martin Balsam. Edward Dmytryk (“Walk on the Wild Side”) will direct, and Elmer Bernstein (“To Kill a Mockingbird”) will compose the musical soundtrack.


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