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Movies: “The Cardinal”

Nov. 24, 1962 - Since the production of large-scale motion pictures these days often involves the teaming of a top-flight, expensive star with an equally costly director and story property, producer-director Otto Preminger made news last week when he revealed that he had signed the comparatively obscure, 34-year-old Tom Tryon (pictured with Carol Lynley) — who has been featured in “Moon Pilot” and “The Story of Ruth” — to play the title role in “The Cardinal” — adapted from the best-selling novel by Henry Morton Robinson dealing with the career of a New England priest who becomes a prince of the church. Carol Lynley, known chiefly for her “junior miss” roles in such films as “Blue Denim” and “Holiday for Lovers,” was signed to portray the sister of “The Cardinal” (as well as the sister’s daughter) in the film.


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