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Movies: “Surf Party”

Jan. 30, 1964 - Opening in theaters today is “Surf Party,” a beach party film directed by Maury Dexter and starring Bobby Vinton, Patricia Morrow, Jackie DeShannon, and Ken Miller. The film is an obvious imitation of American International Pictures’ hit “Beach Party,” which was released last August.

In the story, a young girl travels to California with a couple of friends in order to visit her brother “Skeet,” Malibu’s bad boy. While the girls are learning to surf, Terry (Morrow) falls in love with Len (Vinton), the operator of a local surf shop; Junior (DeShannon) falls in love with Milo (Miller), a new surfer; and Sylvia (Lory Patrick) falls in love with Skeet (Jerry Summers).

“Surf Party” is popular singer Bobby Vinton’s film debut. He was paid $750 for one week of work. Jimmie Haskell composed the score and co-wrote five songs for the movie. Vinton, DeShannon, The Astronauts, and The Routers all perform songs in the film.


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