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Movies: “PT-109” To Be Reissued by Warners

Feb. 18, 1964 - “PT-109,” the film about President Kennedy’s naval experiences in World War II, is being reissued by Warner Brothers after a brief withdrawal from circulation. Its first mass booking since President Kennedy was assassinated will be on March 19 in neighborhood theaters in Dallas. The film, which received unfavorable reviews when it opened last June, was a commercial disappointment during its initial release. It had played approximately 75% of its potential playdates at the time of the assassination.

Another film temporarily withdrawn after Nov. 22, “The Manchurian Candidate,” dealing with a political assassination, has been booked extensively around the country since the first of the year. The first politically oriented film to be released since President Kennedy’s death, the satirical “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,” has scored a major commercial success.


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