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Movies: Preminger Adapting “Harm’s Way” to Big Screen

Jan. 12, 1964 - Otto Preminger, who has been making films for Columbia Pictures and United Artists, will produce three features for distribution by Paramount Pictures. The first will be the screen version of “Harm’s Way,” by James Bassett. Mr. Bassett’s novel, his first, was issued last year. It deals with the Navy’s campaigns in the first year after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The author, a syndicated political columnist for The Los Angeles Times, took leaves from the newspaper to serve in Richard M. Nixon’s Vice Presidential and Presidential campaigns of 1952, 1956, and 1960. No date has been set for production of “Harm’s Way,” which is based in part on Mr. Bassett’s experiences as a press aide to Admiral William F. Halsey during World War II. Mr. Bassett and his wife were in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor, as he was serving on the public relations staff at that time for Admiral Husband E. Kimmel.


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