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Movies: “Mighty Ursusl” and Two Others

July 24, 1962 - Three new films, including a double bill, will open in New York today. “Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man,” a 20th Century-Fox compilation of short stories by the Nobel Prize winner, is at the Paramount Theatre. Richard Beymer, Arthur Kennedy, and Susan Strasberg head the cast. The late Jerry Wald produced, and Martin Ritt directed. At neighborhood theatres are two Columbia releases: “Jack the Giant Killer,” a fairy tale story about a young man who defends a princess against a sorcerer’s giants and demons, and “Mighty Ursus,” which stars bodybuilder Ed Fury (right) as the legendary Ursus and Moira Orfei as the evil queen Attea in a sword-and-sandal adventure.


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