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Movies: “Lilies of the Field”

Sept. 24, 1963 - “Lilies of the Field,” winner of three awards at the Berlin Film Festival, opens Oct. 16 at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles. An off-beat comedy, the picture was chosen as picture of the month by Seventeen Magazine. Ralph Nelson produced and directed. The title comes from the Sermon on the Mount in the Bible (Matthew 6:27–33 and its parallel scripture from Luke 12:27–31). The film tells the story of an itinerant worker (Sidney Poitier) who encounters a group of East German nuns who believe he has been sent to them by God to build them a new chapel. The movie was filmed on the northern edge of Tucson. The church doors were borrowed from the Chapel in Sasabe, Arizona and were carved by local Tucson artist Charles Bolsius.


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