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Movies: “Johnny North” with Lee Marvin and John Cassavetes

Nov. 18, 1963 - Revue Productions said today it would begin shooting a two-hour movie for television on Thursday as part of a series called “Project 120.” The drama, titled “Johnny North,” stars Lee Marvin (left) as a murderer and John Cassavetes as an auto racing driver with a criminal past. Steve McQueen and George Peppard were also considered for Cassavetes’ role. Angie Dickinson (right) and Ronald Reagan — playing a rare villainous role — have also been cast in the film, which will be directed by Don Siegel. The story has been loosely adapted from Ernest Hemingway’s 1927 short story, “The Killers.” The story was previously filmed in Hollywood in 1946. That production featured Burt Lancaster, in his film debut, and Ava Gardner.


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