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Movies: “How the West Was Won”

Feb. 14, 1963 - “How the West Was Won,” starring 24 noted players, was filmed in 9 states. From start of production at Paducah, Ky., on May 26, 1961, the MGM-Cinerama company traveled back and forth between the studio and locations. To recapture adventurous pioneer days, much of the picture was shot in remote areas of Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Interiors were done at MGM. To accomplish this, the troupe was put on wheels, with a maximum of 70 vehicles used on any one location, ranging from 55-ft. 18-wheel semi-trailer trucks to jeeps. Different segments of the film were directed by John Ford (pictured with megaphone), Henry Hathaway, and George Marshall. The feature opens next Wednesday night at the Warner Hollywood Theater with a gala benefit premiere.


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