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Movies: Filming of "PT-109" Underway in Florida

Apr. 4, 1962 - The mystery of rumored invasion preparations in the Key West area of Florida was cleared up today at Warner Brothers. What many Floridians have been calling the prelude to a new invasion of Cuba is just the elaborate prologue to the filming of “PT-109,” the movie about President Kennedy’s World War II adventures. Because this movie is considered particularly important, Jack L. Warner, head of the studio, is personally supervising the production. Bryan Foy is the producer and Lewis Milestone the director. Land has been closed off, not by Government order but by Warner Brothers, which rented it from private landowners. The strange shacks that are sprouting in these areas are recreations of Rendova and Tulagi in the Solomon Islands, not bases for an assault against Castro’s armies. “PT-109” is believed to be the first movie to deal with a living President of the United States.


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