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Movies: “Cleopatra” To Premiere June 12

Jan. 12, 1963 - The world premiere of “Cleopatra,” the $35 million Twentieth Century-Fox film starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison, and Richard Burton, will take place on June 12 in 70 cities in the U.S. This was announced today by Seymour Poe, vice president in charge of distribution for the company. Mr. Poe said he confidently expected the film to be completed in time for the extraordinary “saturation premiere,” which bids to be the most elaborate ever arranged. As soon as the New York newspaper strike is ended, tickets for the opening at the Rivoli will go on sale. The price scale for the two-a-day performances in the 1,556-seat theater will range down from $5.50 top for evenings and $4.50 top for matinees. An innovation in the method of advance sale of tickets will be the use of mobile box-office trucks that will tour the five boroughs and suburbs of New York.


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