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Movies: “Bedtime Story”

Apr. 26, 1963 - Marlon Brando, who recently returned from a 40-city world tour for “The Ugly American,” will report to Universal-International Studios in Hollywood on Wednesday to begin work on a comedy. The film, “Bedtime Story,” was written by Stanley Shapiro, who wrote the highly successful “That Touch of Mink” and “Pillow Talk.” The story, according to Mr. Brando, is about “a pair of con men — one highbrow, one lowbrow. David Niven plays the elegant one.” Also appearing in the film will be David Niven (left) and Shirley Jones (right). After the color comedy, under the direction of Ralph Levy, who has worked in television, Mr. Brando plans to direct again. Undeterred by the production difficulties that took the editing of his first effort, “One Eyed Jacks,” out of his hands, he is writing an original, “socially conscious” crime story which he hopes to make inexpensively for his own company this year.


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