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Movies: “A Tiger Walks”

Mar. 12, 1964 - Opening today is “A Tiger Walks,” a drama directed by Norman Tokar and starring Brian Keith and Vera Miles. Based on the 1960 novel of the same name by Ian Niall, it was produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film features the final performance of Indian actor Sabu, who died of a heart attack last December 2.

In the story, Raja, a mistreated Bengal tiger, escapes from a traveling circus and hides in the woods surrounding a small town. The new arrival starts a panic, and the townsfolk want Raja killed — with the exception of Julie Williams (Pamela Franklin), daughter of the sheriff (Keith). Julie wishes to capture Raja and put it in a zoo. To raise money to purchase Raja from the circus, she starts a campaign with the slogan “save the tiger” to rally children across the nation in the tiger’s defense, resulting in national attention for Scotia.


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