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Most Yankee Fans Hope Maris or Mantle Break Ruth's Home Run Record

Aug. 10, 1961 - Of 50 people interviewed at Yankee Stadium today, 39 said they were unsentimental about Babe Ruth's 1927 record of 60 home runs. They were rooting for Mickey Mantle, with 43 homers, or Roger Maris, with 41, to break the record. Ralph Houk, the Yankee manager, said he has had no time to worry about such matters, but Coach Frank Crosetti, who played with the Babe, said he hoped that both Mantle and Maris break the record. "If they can break it, more power to 'em," Crosetti said. "Why not? So long as it's broken by a Yankee." Phil Rizzuto, the shortstop turned announcer, agreed. "Certain records you hate to see broken, but Babe Ruth himself said records are made to be broken."

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