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More Arrests in Albany, Ga. as Racial Tension Mounts

Dec. 13, 1961 - In Albany Ga., the police arrested 202 Negroes this evening during a demonstration at the City Hall as racial tension mounted in this southwest Georgia city. Handbills distributed to the overflow crowd at the Shiloh Baptist Church urged full support for a boycott of 12 major drug, variety, and department stores operated by whites. Police Chief Laurie Pritchett (pictured) called it a “very explosive situation” after the arrests and asserted that it could “erupt into violence at any minute.” He declared that the arrests would continue “if I have to put them in jails all over Georgia.” “We can’t tolerate the NAACP or the Student Nonviolent Committee or any other n****r organization to take over this town with mass demonstrations,” he told newsmen.


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