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Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers Swap Goalies

June 5, 1963 - Jacques Plante (pictured in 1959), who plays goal with a mask, and Lorne (Gump) Worsley, who usually played it without a defense, were the key figures in a four-for-three swap the New York Rangers swung with the Montreal Canadiens yesterday. In addition to the acrobatic Plante, the Blueshirts also obtained experienced forwards Donnie Marshall and Phil Goyette in exchange for wingers Dave Balon, Leon Rochefort, Len Ronson, and Worsley. “This trade could make a contender out of us,” said Muzz Patrick, Ranger general manager. “We got the best goalie in the business. Better than that, we got three players who are used to winning.” Plante, like Worsley 34 years old, pioneered the face mask among NHL goalies in 1959. In 11 seasons at Montreal, the 6-foot French Canadian won the Vezina Trophy 6 times as the league’s top netminder. Worsley, who got sympathy but never a Vezina, guarded the Ranger net for 10 seasons. He was rookie of the year in 1953. Worsley and Plante, both of whom had admitted unhappiness with their surroundings, welcomed the change. Plante, however, seemed a little bitter at his dismissal by the Habs. “I carried that club for three years,” he said. “But I’m happy to be coming to New York.” Worsley, whose sharp tongue had frequently embroiled him with his bosses in New York, got what he wanted. The Gumper said he intended to quit hockey if he couldn’t play closer to his Montreal home. Worsley has a restaurant in the Canadian city that demands more and more of his time.


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