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Montana Governor Dead in Plane Crash

Jan. 25, 1962 - Montana Governor Donald G. Nutter (pictured center) and five persons were missing and presumed dead today in a plane crash. A plane identified as the Governor’s twin-engine C-47 crashed in a canyon near Wolf Creek, about 30 miles north of Helena. At the crash site, Col. Richard Kendall of the Montana National Guard said: “No one could have survived.” The wreckage indicated that the plane had been demolished on impact. Debris was strewn over a wide area of the canyon, much of it buried under drifting snow. Two loggers reported having seen the plane crash against a steep mountainside in the canyon about 20 minutes after the 46-year-old Republican Governor had taken off from Helena airport. Governor Nutter was a bomber pilot during World War II. He flew 62 combat missions and held the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross with clusters.


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