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Monorail System To Be Featured at New York World’s Fair Next Year

July 22, 1963 - Visitors at the New York World’s Fair next year will have the chance to swing around and over the entertainment area on a 4,000-foot-long monorail system. This was announced today by Robert Moses, Fair president, at a luncheon by the American Machine & Foundry Company, which will build the monorail. The company plans to promote French and American monorail patents as a means of rapid, short-haul transportation. The monorail at the fair will consist of six two-car trains suspended 40 feet above the ground on a single track borne by pylons. There will be two parallel, kidney-shaped loops with three trains on each track. Carter Burgess, board chairman of AMF, said that monorails could solve many problems in urban transportation and traffic congestion. He predicted that monorail systems, built at a quarter of the cost of subways, might capture a $2 billion market with 10 years.


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