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MLK’s Rented Cottage Riddled with Bullets in St. Augustine

May 29, 1964 - Bullets riddled an unoccupied beachfront cottage rented by Martin Luther King early today in St. Augustine, Fla., and a shotgun blast shattered two windows of another integration leader’s automobile.

The shootings followed a midnight clash among Negro demonstrators, a group of whites, and police which sent two men to the hospital.

The melee at the old slave market in the center of the historic city prompted authorities to ask Negroes to stay off the streets at night.

Dr. King, who had arrived in St. Augustine Monday night to organize racial demonstrations, left yesterday for San Diego, Calif., with a promise to return.

A newsman confirmed reports of other Negro leaders that the cottage Dr. King had rented was punctured by 19 rifle bullet holes and some shotgun pellets on all four sides.

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