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MLB: Senators' Manager Mickey Vernon Addresses Piersall Controversy

Mar. 6, 1962 - Manager Mickey Vernon (left) told the Washington Senators today that stories about favoritism for Jimmy Piersall (center) or anybody else were uncalled for. “I told them we were down here to play baseball and to forget about any petty little gripes,” Vernon said. “That whole thing yesterday was unnecessary.” Gene Woodling (right), the Senators’ player representative, had protested that Piersall was getting special treatment such as a room to himself, meal money and special bedboards. “We had several players who roomed alone at different times last year,” Vernon said. “We had at least five players who got bedboards in hotels. About the meal money, Piersall asked for but did not get it.” Woodling and Piersall chatted in a friendly fashion in the clubhouse after today’s workout.


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