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MLB: Mets Acquire Former Batting Champ Richie Ashburn

Dec. 8, 1961 - The New York Mets today acquired another slightly aged though still highly capable player they expect to give their club stability when it makes its debut in the National League next year. Richie Ashburn, a former batting champion who for years ranked with Willie Mays and Duke Snider among the league’s top defensive center fielders, was bought from the Chicago Cubs. A native of Tilden, Neb., Ashburn came to the majors with the Phillies in 1948 and for years was a fixture as lead-off man in the batting order. He led the National League in batting in 1955 with .338 and in 1958 with .350. “I’ll be satisfied as long as I get to play,” Ashburn said today of his purchase by the Mets.


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