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MLB: Jimmy Piersall Traded to Senators

Oct. 5, 1961 - Jimmy Piersall (pictured left) was traded to the Washington Senators today. In return for the centerfielder, the Cleveland Indians received Dick Donovan, Gene Green, and Jim Mahoney. At 31, Piersall enjoyed his most successful season in baseball. Always a brilliant fielder, he batted above .300 for the first time in the majors. His .322 average made him the fourth best hitter in the American League. Nonetheless, Piersall had a typically stormy season, so the trade surprised no one. Twice, he kicked fans who jumped out of the stands and ran out to him on the field during games. He struck another. Piersall today predicted "a lot of good years" in Washington and declared, "I'm going to play until they rip my uniform off. As long as they will pay, I will play.”


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