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MLB: Billy Martin Released by Twins

Mar. 30, 1962 - Billy Martin, who drifted to six major league clubs after the Yankees traded him away in 1957, was released unconditionally today by the Minnesota Twins. Martin said he would try to catch on with another major league club. The development of a second baseman, Bernie Allen, during exhibition games greatly diminished Martin’s usefulness to the Twins. The fiery, hustling Martin often was referred to as “Casey Stengel’s boy” when he played for the Yankees. He fell out of grace with George Weiss, then the Yankee general manager, after a widely publicized 1957 birthday party in a New York nightclub. During that celebration, Hank Bauer of the Yankees became involved in an altercation with another patron. The publicity displeased Weiss, and one month later he traded Martin to the Kansas City Athletics.


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